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26 beach Restaurant , was founded by Katsu, Yuki (his wife) and sons Bryan & Francis Mori, and has been in existence for 33 years; an impressive accomplishment in this day in age. Equally impressive is the Mori Family’s lineage in the food industry. In 1830, Katsu’s great grandfather, who was mentored by a Shogun chef, opened one of the first sushi houses in Tokyo, Japan and named it “Kamei Sushi”. Fast forward to 1982 and 26 Beach Restaurant was born in Venice, California, combining a menu of Japanese and American dishes.

The lovely heated garden has a retractable roof to let the sunshine in, or keep the bad weather out. We can accommodate up to 50 in the garden, for all your special occasions & the dinning room holds 32 guests. We can also accommodate 100 if you would like to take over the entire restaurant. We have done weddings, bridal showers & baby showers, wrap parties for studios & celebrities. Let us know what you have in mind and we can work with you on that special event!

What people say?

Tried 26 Beach because i had a discount on Grubhub and had no idea what to expect. The food was really solid and I think their menu is fun! Definitely will try more things on the menu, and excited to eat there in person! I got the BBQ flatbread which was really yummy and has a good pickley slaw on top. Also tried the gumbo which was tasty (although never had New Orleans gumbo so cannot speak to the authenticity)

Samantha T. Los Angeles, CA

What people say?

Love this spot! Would be a regular if it wasn't so hard to get in... Was lucky because I know someone who works there who helped us get an exclusive spot in the queue. She told us that otherwise it could usually take more than an hour to get in. The place is super cute and decked out in a very tropical manner. Great place for a reunion; also spotted quite a few dates. The French toast is delectable. It's for those days when you want to go all out, with no regrets!! Fresh berries, nicely browned and thick toast, chocolate syrup you can pour on top (interactive!!) I hear they're also known for their burgers, which I would want to try next time I drop by. My friend gave a good review of it! The prices are standard for Los Angeles, aka kind of overpriced, but I'd be willing to shell it out for that French toast. The cocktails are super cute and refreshing as well. Highly recommend!

Sam T. Thousand Oaks, CA

What people say?

Decor: cozy, modern, cool art Food: fantastic - had the crab royal. Very flavorful. Could eat it almost every day. Service - on point, efficient, courteous. Apologetic when they didn't have certain dishes. Highly recommend. Would visit every time I'm in the area.

JP B. Orlando, FL

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